5 Tips for Pest Control in Fayetteville, NC

5 Tips for Pest Control in Fayetteville, NC

As summer approaches in Fayetteville, NC., you’ve probably noticed more pests invading your homes and outdoor living areas. Pest control starts with proper maintenance, and Eco Advantage has the tips to help you in your journey to living pest free in Fayetteville, NC.

#1 Keep Clean to Clear Pests
There’s many reasons to keep a clean house. When your home is clean, your mind can relax and so can you. Having a clean home is also unattractive to potential unwanted pests in your Fayetteville, NC home. Pest control involves the removal of attractive crumbs, dirt, moisture, and other goodies that pests love!

#2 Try Natural Remedies
Now that your Fayetteville, NC home is clean, clear and under control, you can make your home even less attractive to pests all while making it more attractive to you! Try diffusing essential oils like peppermint, lavender, or lemongrass throughout your home. You can even add a few drops to a spray bottle with water to spray around door frames and windows.

#3 Check Window and Door Seals
Have you noticed your home heating up and or cooling down less efficiently? You may need to repair the seals around your doors and windows. Not only will this help to control pests coming into your Fayetteville, NC home, it will also help with your electric bill. Kill two *pests* with one stone!

#4 Get Rid of Standing Water
When it rains it pours, and pests love a good moist environment! Be sure to clear any standing water in and around your home as soon as possible to avoid attracting unwanted pests like mosquitos and water bugs.

#5 Know When to Call the Professionals
Have you tried everything and yet, you still can’t control the pests in your Fayetteville, NC home? Take a step back and let the professionals help. Some jobs are too big to tackle on your own. Well trained professionals can help take the guesswork out of pest control and get your home pest free fast!

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