Ants can cause harm just like termites!

Ants can cause harm just like termites!

In large numbers, ants can carry bacteria and germs and transfer them to foods, or cuts and open wounds. There are many species of household ants and regardless of sanitary or health issues you most likely don’t want them hanging around in large numbers in your house. A sure start to a bad day is waking up to ants marching through your bedroom, kitchen, and all over your furniture.

Then of course there’s the fire ant. Fire ants are different from other ants in that they are more aggressive. Fire ants came to the US in the 1930’s from South America. When they came to the US, they escaped their natural enemies and thrived in the southern landscape. Fire ants bite, sting aggressively, and inject venom, which causes a burning sensation. Typical fire ant colonies will build mounds in open areas such as playgrounds, back yards etc. Unlike other insects that typically sting just once, fire ants sting multiple times. When a mound is disturbed, fire ants can be dangerous and pose a threat to small pets such as cats and even small children, because they attack en masse while stinging multiple times.

Is there any way to escape these pesky insects? Do not be discouraged! Eco Advantage is here to help! We have treatments for Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants, ‘Black’ Ants, ‘Red’ Ants, and many other ant species. We offer the highest quality yard treatment using the safest solutions.
Every applicable material we used is EPA certified and we ensure that our service professionals are trained to use them safely and effectively. Our products are safe, effective, and environment friendly. Contact Eco Advantage to learn more at 910-425-6415 or
We provide service for homes and businesses, residential and commercial customers, apartments, condos, offices, restaurants, motels, warehouses, medical facilities, churches and more.

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