ECO Advantage, Your Fayetteville Pest Control Company

ECO Advantage, Your Fayetteville Pest Control Company

With spring right around the corner, we know you’re looking forward to spending time outdoors grilling, playing in the yard, and enjoying the new warmth and the bloom of trees and flowers.

But as the dogwoods start to bloom, you may also notice an increase in unwanted pests.

Pests aren’t something you think about in the dead of winter when the air is cold and the wildlife retreats, but if you want to prepare for the spring, you need treat your house for pests now!

Start by looking around the exterior of your home. Check for holes and cracks in the foundation and holes around your windows. Holes and cracks provide opportunity for pests to enter your home, so fixing these areas is the first line of defense against a pest problem in your home.

Also, be sure to keep trees and shrubs around your home pruned and trimmed. Also, make sure to keep grass from growing right up to your exterior walls and foundation. This doesn’t only improve your curb appeal, but also keeps pests from using any extra long branches as bridges to enter your house.

Move inside and get an early start on your spring cleaning. Be sure that your pantry and cabinets are free of crumbs and that all food is properly sealed to avoid tempting pests with a grand buffet. Wipe down floors, baseboards, and clean your windows. A clean home is less likely to attract pests than a messy, dirty home.

And of course, always trust the professionals to take the extra step against pest infestation in your home.

At ECO Advantage, we will work to rid your home of unwanted pests while keeping the health and safety of your family and pets as our number one concern!

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