Preventing Ants From Invading Your Space This Spring

Ants are not that bad. It’s true! Ants aerate soil. They attack termites. They feed on the larvae and eggs of common insects, like fleas, silverfish, and even cockroaches. They do serve a purpose in the circle of life, especially when it comes to our gardens and lawns. Unfortunately, they become a nuisance when they […]

The Importance of Pest Control This Spring

March is here and that means the official start of the Spring season. After the cold weather of winter, the warmer temperatures show up and that means more opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, it also means the return of several spring and summertime pests. If there was an ideal time of year […]

Is Your Real Estate Agent Concerned about Termites?

It’s like something out of a bad dream. You finally find the perfect home, you move in and start to enjoy your new living space, only to find out months or years down the road that your perfect home is infested with termites. The previous homeowners did not take termite control seriously. Unfortunately, for too […]