Protecting Your Home From Moisture Loving Pests

North Carolina is experiencing its coldest time of year with everyday bringing the potential for winter weather, like sleet and snow. Most people know that in the warmer months, water and moisture will attract insects like mosquitoes to their property. What some homeowners may not realize, is how many pests are attracted to moisture within […]

Exterminate Pests This Winter

Household pests love this time of the year. Colder weather beckons them into your home, and food keeps them there. Any exterminator will tell you that they see an influx of insects like bed bugs and cockroaches, and rodents entering into homes in the colder months more than just about any other time of the […]

Termite Control to Fight the Enemy Living Inside Your Walls

The biggest armies of the world employ over one million soldiers. There is strength in numbers, and the countries that have the biggest military presence regularly win wars. The United States military employs roughly 1.3 million soldiers. With those numbers, we are able to infiltrate the enemy’s territory to protect our assets and countless lives […]

Preventing Ants From Invading Your Space This Spring

Ants are not that bad. It’s true! Ants aerate soil. They attack termites. They feed on the larvae and eggs of common insects, like fleas, silverfish, and even cockroaches. They do serve a purpose in the circle of life, especially when it comes to our gardens and lawns. Unfortunately, they become a nuisance when they […]

The Importance of Pest Control This Spring

March is here and that means the official start of the Spring season. After the cold weather of winter, the warmer temperatures show up and that means more opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, it also means the return of several spring and summertime pests. If there was an ideal time of year […]