Pest Control for Hot Weather Bugs and Pests

Pest Control for Hot Weather Bugs and Pests

Summertime is quickly approaching in the state of North Carolina, and with the scorching temperatures will come unwanted bugs and pests. Many experts are already predicting that this summer will be especially bad for tick activity, which will leave some people susceptible to Lyme disease. No one wants that.

Along with ticks, other hot weather bugs and pests will make their presence known in Fayetteville if we let them. Inevitably, summer rain will cause standing water which will produce an abundance of mosquitoes. Wasps will find inconvenient places to build their nests. Spiders will find garden furniture and other dark places to hide out and spawn more spiders. Cockroaches looking for a cool place will quickly reproduce and infest your Fayetteville home if you are not careful.

If you are not proactive about pest control around your Fayetteville home, inside and out, you could be facing a lot of unwelcome visitors this summer. Fortunately, the pest control professionals at ECO Advantage are trained to rid your home or business of these pests or prevent them from showing up in the first place.

ECO Advantage has been serving up pest control services to the people of Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas for years. Our dedication to our customers has made us the most reliable source of pest control solutions in Fayetteville. It starts with a free estimate that we are happy to provide our customers and it continues with a guarantee of our services. We use pest control solutions that are safe for both children and pets. We always give advance notice to our customers before we come out to treat the house, and we give you the option of being home or not when we come out. If you are not able to be there, we do an outside perimeter treatment on the home.

Don’t be bothered by bugs! You do not have to worry this summer about pest and bug infestations in your home or business. The  pest control professionals at ECO Advantage have you covered. If you are in Fayetteville, NC or the surrounding areas and are in need of pest control solutions, give ECO Advantage a call at (910) 425-6415.