Pest Control and Termite Control: For Your Family’s Health and Safety

Pest Control and Termite Control: For Your Family’s Health and Safety

You don’t want to overlook the small things when thinking about the health and safety of your family. Some of the smallest pests can bring about the harshest diseases. Common house pests from bed bugs, mice, cockroaches and several others can spread disease from their bites, droppings, urine and some may even contain parasites, mites and ticks. Pest infestation creates a harmful environment to you and your family and can even damage your property. Good pest control is needed to minimize exposure to these small but harmful critters and could save you and your family members a trip to the doctors.

If you’re thinking about buying over the counter pesticides, you might want to think about the health of your family before using harmful pesticides. Over the counter pesticides is big business and sales in the U.S is up in the billions annually. Many of the pesticides used at home contain harmful chemicals. Many of the chemicals have been related to health problems especially in children. Another thing to consider is that your household pesticide may be ineffective for the pest problem you have. Not only will you waste money to buy these products, risk harmful chemicals causing health issues to you and your family but it probably won’t even work, especially if you have a major pest issue. You need a service expert to properly inspect the problem identify the pests and provide the proper solution.

Not only are pest inspections and control good for your family’s health, there’s also the issue of protecting your home. Your home most likely is your biggest investment and why not keep it safe from pests and termites. Termites can literally eat away the structure of your home, your cabinets and even wooden furniture. If left untreated termite damage can causes thousands of dollars in repair costs.

At Eco Advantage, we care about your family’s health and safety, we use only the safest solutions for pest and termite control. Every applicable material we used is EPA certified and we ensure that our service professionals are trained to use them safely and effectively. Our products are safe, effective and environment friendly.

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