What Pests to Watch for this Summer

What Pests to Watch for this Summer

Summer is upon us and that means that summertime rituals are in full swing: going for a hike in the woods, hosting a backyard barbecue, or enjoying a park cookout. Summer brings fun, sun, and unfortunately lots of pests. The following are the five worst summer pests to look out for.

Mosquitoes: Everyone knows how annoying mosquitoes can be; not only do their bites leave you scratching yourself constantly, but they are also known to carry and transmit harmful diseases, such as the West Nile Virus.
Ticks: For all those who own a pet, ticks are a big concern. As people begin to hike outdoors with their furry friends, the chances a tick finds its new home increases drastically. Once attached, the tick can transmit life-threatening diseases, especially if they go unnoticed.
Termites: During the winter months, termites retreat underground in order to survive. Now that summer is here and it has begun warming up, these destructive pests are emerging and looking for food. If their nest is near your home, they could begin eating the wood that supports your house, causing massive amounts of damage over time if not caught right away.
Stinging Insects: Insects such as bees and wasps play a vital role in maintaining natural plant communities and seed production during the warmer months of the year. Unfortunately, they can also attack anyone around them when they feel threatened. Although generally harmless to most humans, to those who are allergic they can pose life-threatening risks.
Cockroaches: Cockroaches may infest your home anytime during the year, but they tend to become a much more active in seeking a way in during the summer. They prefer cooler temperatures and are searching for a safe place to escape the extreme temperatures found outdoors. Cockroaches have very fast-reproductive capabilities, and can quickly become a disaster after only a few have entered your home.

However, never fear! Although these all may sound intimidating, we are here to help you! These pests may be a problem for many homeowners, don’t let them ruin your summer fun. If you’re in the Fayetteville area, our professional team can eliminate these pests and put your mind at ease! Visit http://ecoadv.wpengine.com/ or call 910-425-6415 for more information or a free estimate.

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