Preventing Ants From Invading Your Space This Spring

Preventing Ants From Invading Your Space This Spring

Ants are not that bad. It’s true! Ants aerate soil. They attack termites. They feed on the larvae and eggs of common insects, like fleas, silverfish, and even cockroaches. They do serve a purpose in the circle of life, especially when it comes to our gardens and lawns. Unfortunately, they become a nuisance when they come into our homes and living spaces. This spring, the team at ECO Advantage, your pest control specialists in Fayetteville, NC, want to help you stop those pesky ants from invading your living space with just a few tips.

Keep your kitchen clean. This is a simple solution. Ants love food. By keeping your food sealed up and your cooking areas clean, you can prevent ants from showing up. You may want to wipe the inside of your cabinets as well, and clean up your pets feeding bowls regularly.

Seal entryways for ants. If you have seen ants already in your home, follow their trail, and cut off their entryway. It would also be helpful to check your windows for cracks now, and use caulking to seal any that you see. Check your windows and doors to make sure they are closing properly.

Try home remedies to get rid of ants. Some people have had success with double sided tape placed on window sills or doorways, where ants get stuck. Some swear by the use of talcum powder at the site of an infestation, or a homemade spray made with vinegar and a couple of drops of essential oils, like peppermint, or spices like cayenne pepper or cinnamon. Others have lined their doors with salt or chalk. If you choose any of these homemade remedies, be mindful of your pets and children. If you need to, you can place ant bait as a solution as well.

Many people find it a challenge to get rid of ants in their home. If you are done trying to get rid of them on your own, ECO Advantage is here to help. We specialize in pest control in Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas, and we are confident that we can take care of any ant problem you have! Give us a call today at (910) 425-6415.