Aside from uninvited family showing up, what is worse than having uninvited guests around the holidays? Of course, we are talking those pests such as bugs, rodents, and creatures looking to use your home as their winter hide-a-way.

Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions is here to share how to keep pests out of Fayetteville and Hope Mills home this winter with a pest-free how-to guide.


For winter pests, trouble is just a part of their nature as they do not enter your home determined on causing trouble. To them, eating food off your counters is their survival and they are not thinking about putting your family at risk of the dangerous diseases they are carrying. Pests like rodents are not actually thinking about what they are carrying into your home.

Pests also do not think about harming your home – if they need to use the bathroom, they just do. And they will do so wherever they like, even on your expensive sofa or bed linens. If a pest wants wood, it will eat the wood and does not think about the home’s structure.  What is most important to take away from this is that pests are not a problem to be taken lightly.


Pests cannot survive out in the cold, so they seek refuge within warm homes. Once they reach inside, they realize they have found their perfect habitat. Our homes provide all many pests’ basic needs. For example, your home is constantly restocked with food and liquids for pests to feed on. There is also plenty of space between walls and ceilings for pests to hide.


Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions offers their most comprehensive guide to winter pest prevention:

  •   Make sure the yard is clear of clutter and debris. The fewer places pests can hide, the better.
  •   Address any damage or openings into your home. Use caulk to seal cracks in your home’s foundation, spacing along window and door frames, as well as gaps around utility piping entering your home. Repair broken window and door screens, install door sweeps under exterior doors, and place wire screens inside ventilation shafts and gutter drains.
  •   Limit pests’ access to food. Have tight-fitting lids on trash cans and store leftover foods inside airtight containers. Limit the number of rooms you eat food in and pick up pet food and water bowls before going to bed at night.
  •   Address moisture issues. Fix any leaks around your home. Make sure gutters are in good working order. If needed, install dehumidifiers around the humid areas of your home.
  •   Eliminate hiding places. Reduce clutter around your home and straighten up storage areas so they allow as little room for pests to hide as possible.
  •   Work with a professional pest control provider. They will set up a line of defense against pests that supersedes any of the above steps and ensures your home has the best chance possible to remain pest-free.



When it comes to providing quality pest control services, there is no one better for the job than Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions. Our team of pest service experts has the tools and expertise to properly remove and keep unwanted winter visitors out of your home.

Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions is your trusted pest control expert. Whether your home is in Fayetteville or Hope Mills, you can count on Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions to rid your home of pesky rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and other nuisances. Be sure to give us a call today at (910) 425-6415 to learn more about how we can eliminate your winter pests for good!