Many homeowners are of the belief that pest control is not important in winter. Wintertime is usually when most animals hibernate from the harsh cold. Termites however pose a significant threat to your property if it hasn’t been properly treated.

The experts at Eco Advantage explain why getting termite treatment in winter is especially important.


Termites are a pest species that do not rest when the temperatures turn cold. They do, however, seek out warmer temperatures. This means that subterranean termites are especially dangerous. As they already burrow underground and feed 24/7, these pests can tunnel deep beneath your home’s foundation, and cause severe and costly property damage. It has been found that termites tend to cause more damage in the winter than they do in the spring and summertime as they are not leaving their tunnels in search of new places to build colonies.


As termites are attracted to wood and other fibrous materials, this means they will seek out any trees, wood decks, or piles of wood within one inch of the ground level. It is important to know that your home’s foundation is especially vulnerable to destruction without proper treatment. When you treat for termites in the winter, you are preventing infestations from happening.

Eco Advantage has years of experience helping homeowners eliminate all kinds of pests, especially termites.


At Eco Advantage, our termite control specialists are focused on preventing termites from having access to your home in the first place.

Eco Advantage performs treatments by a trench and treat method also known as a soil treatment. These treatments are laborious and field studies indicate it is the most effective action carried out in the prevention and control of subterranean termites. Termites cause more damage than storms and fires combined, and the damage they cause is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Don’t take a chance on your biggest investment. If it’s been more than a year since your last quality inspection, call Eco Advantage and have your home inspected. Eco Advantage utilizes different termiticides. All of the termiticides are excellent in performance but differ in price. Each one of our products meets the highest EPA standards and requirements and is safe for family members and pets. We want customers for life, and our level of service reflects that. The cost of a termite treatment is based on the chemical used, the size and structure of the property, and location. Our treatments are offered with renewable warranties that include any treatment for areas showing weakness or indication of termite activity.

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