Stop Pests from Ruining Your Summer

Stop Pests from Ruining Your Summer

Summer is officially here, and we’re ready to celebrate! Between pool parties, barbeques, and lawn games, there’s so much to do right in your own backyard. 

Unfortunately, fire ants feel the same way, which can be a dangerous problem for your family and your pets. Fayetteville, NC is home to two types of fire ants which can stop you from enjoying your own yard and easily get out of hand if not treated properly with proper pest control techniques.

Fire ant bites can be worse than other pests because they inject venom into their victims. If your family or your pet is bitten by a fire ant, they could experience mild to severe symptoms, so it’s important to seek medical care if you receive a fire ant bite.

Thankfully, at Eco Advantage Pest Control, we have the expert experience to make sure that these pests don’t interfere with your outdoor activities this summer. 

Our pest control experts are knowledgeable and qualified to treat both visible and hidden fire ant mounds to make sure that these pests are fully eradicated from your Fayetteville area lawns. Our pest control treatments cover your entire yard by using the fire ant colony hierarchy to our advantage. Worker ants bring our pest control treatment from the yard back to the queen, which destroys her and the entire colony. A fire ant colony cannot survive without its queen, so you can be sure that no matter how many colonies of fire ants you have in your lawn, they will be successfully treated and removed by our pest control services.

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