Why You Should Pest-Proof Your HVAC

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Why You Should Pest-Proof Your HVAC

Pests are a problem for home and business owners and it is important to have regular visits from your pest control company. Ignoring pest problems can have damaging consequences.  For example, termites can destroy your home’s structure, ants can invade your interior, wasps create nests, posing a danger to occupants, and more!

While a proper pest control strategy can protect areas of your home, one place often overlooked is your heating and air conditioning system. Pest proofing your HVAC system can keep pests; such as mice, out of your home, preventing damage and protecting occupants from health hazards.


Mice have a way of weaseling their way into just about any area and leave a path of destruction.  Nothing is worse; or more expensive to fix, than when mice wreak havoc on your HVAC or air conditioning unit. 

The HVAC is attractive to mice because it provides shelter, and once there, they immediately start making a home. That means the mice chew through wires and ductwork, and leaving behind droppings in and around your home. 

Replacing wires and taping ducts is expensive and frustrating. On top of the expense, there are other dangers of an infestation of mice due to the bacteria that mice can spread.  Bacteria live in their feces, which puts human health at risk.  Mice can carry hantavirus, bubonic plague and salmonellosis, among other diseases. Even if your mouse problem may seem confined to the HVAC or air conditioner unit, mice may continue to work their way into your home, including your kitchen and pantry. 


Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions can give a few telltale signs you may have mice in your HVAC:

  •   You smell an odor: When your HVAC or air conditioning system is running, if you smell something that smells like urine or a bathroom odor it may be a sign of an infestation. Mice urinate in small quantities, but add those up and you will notice it.
  •   A sudden blow fly problem: If nothing has changed from your perspective and yet you suddenly have an insect problem, they could be drawn to the mice droppings in your ductwork.  Blow flies land on feces, dead animals, and other decaying organic matter causing them to carry a lot of dangerous bacteria and parasites around with them on their legs and body.
  •   You find a mouse nest: In order to know if it belongs to a mouse, look for a ball of loosely shredded material, like paper or insulation with droppings surrounding it. 


The best way to deal with a mouse problem, whether in your HVAC, air conditioner or elsewhere, is to prevent the infestation before it occurs.

Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions offers some steps you can take to keep mice and other pests, like snakes, ants and termite out of your HVAC or air conditioning unit:

  •   Install air vents and flue covers – Mesh screens or special covers will help keep mice and other creatures out of your ductwork.
  •   Seal air ducts: Gaps, cracks and holes are an invitation for pests to get into your HVAC system.


If you think you have an infestation, it is important to call traditional pest control.  An exterminator can help you identify how the mice are entering your home, and can tackle serious infestations more effectively than DIY methods. They can also use extermination methods that are safe for children and pets.

Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions is your trusted pest control expert. Whether your home is in Fayetteville or Hope Mills, you can count on Eco Advantage Termite and Pest Solutions to rid your home of pesky rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and other nuances. Be sure to give us a call today at (910) 425-6415 to learn more about how we can eliminate your ant and other pests for good!