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The Eco Advantage Pest Control Process

Based in Fayetteville and Hope Mills, NC, we are your local experts at inspecting and exterminating pests, especially, termites, bed bugs, and rodents.

We follow a small but efficient 4-step process-

1. We get your details

We ask you about the discovery of the infestation chronologically. There are usually some tell-tale signs of the extent of the infestation. 

If your house has been closed for some time, the infestation may be worse than anticipated. We prefer to get a head-start on what we’re dealing with. 

We get your address for an on-site inspection

2. We jump into action

Once we’ve noted down the signs of infestation (sounds, visible damage, teeth marks), we give you a tentative quote. This quote will only be final when we inspect the site ourselves. It could be lesser or more than the amount we quoted.

We do this because sometimes clients want to try removing the pests themselves. 

We visit you for an on-site inspection when you agree to one.  

3. We conduct an inspection

We visit you and ask to see the sites of infestation. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the house interiors and exteriors. 

The infestation may not be as bad as you thought, or it could be worse. 

We discuss the entire scenario with you and give you a final quote. 

4. We locate and exterminate

We locate all the sites of infestation and get rid of the pests using long-lasting, new, and innovative methods.

Each type of pest has a special method and chemicals to remove. We will identify possible infestations and destroy them too. 

We also take remedial measures which prevent further and new infestations.

How long should I stay out after pest control treatment?


It is advised to stay out of the house during the pest control process, especially if you’re prone to allergies and are sensitive to aerosols and chemicals.


The entire process takes 2 – 3 hours depending on the infestation sites.


Not sure whether to get a pest inspection or not? Don’t take a chance! Call your local exterminators.


Call us for an inspection now.


NC Pest Management Association



Order our special Wood Destroying Insect Reports that certify your house clean of pests. These reports are most useful in the sale and purchase of your property.




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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my house needs pest control?

You can probably do minor pest control yourself. But how do you know if you need professional pest control services?

Some signs indicate the need for a professional service –

Droppings around the house – Watch out for cockroaches, mice, and termite droppings. They are in the form of pellets and are brown or black in color. Rodent droppings are harmful to humans.  If you see these, call a professional exterminator right away.

Property damage – Pests are destructive. If you see signs of property damage, you’re dealing with an infestation. There is probably more damage than is visible, Professional pest control services can find the other sites of property damage for you.

Sounds – Pests are active at night. You can hear them scuttling about. If you hear any sounds like squawking, scratching, and scurrying, you likely have a pest infestation.

Wings and exoskeletons – Winged ants, termites, cockroaches, and crickets leave behind wings that are visible. Ticks shed exoskeletons. If you see wings and exoskeletons around the house, call an exterminator immediately.

Bite marks in food  – Rodents, cockroaches, termites, and ants can be seen around your food larders and cupboards, garbage bins, and pantries.

Call us for expert advice

How do I choose the right exterminator in Fayetteville and Hope Mills, NC?

The best extermination companies will leave trails behind in the form of excellent reviews and satisfied customers who recommend them.

However, if you haven’t come across these trails yet, then you can find the pest exterminators nearest to you and –

  • Check the treatment methods
  • Ask for a guarantee on services
  • Reach out to their previous customers

Get in touch with Eco Advantage.

How long do your pest control treatments last?

The lifespan of pest control treatment depends on the type of pest.

Cockroaches and ants need general pest control. This involves sprays in the interior and exterior of the house. Spraying on the exterior prevents pests from coming inside the house. This lasts a few months and can last longer with the right precautions.

Termite inspection and control require special methods and last around 5 years.

Call us for termite treatment, cockroach control, and complete pest control. Eco Advantage is your local exterminator  in Fayetteville and Hope Mills.

Does pest control damage furniture?

No. Although the pest infestation in your house may have damaged furniture if it was not detected early. We will find all sites of infestation and clear them.